maandag 29 oktober 2012

Crochet shorts || OUTFIT

I'm not a sneakergirl (unless it are sneakerwedges dûh) I love brogues, heels uggs ect. much more. That's why I don't wear sneakers very often, but I kind of liked these Converse sneakers with this outfit. I think it makes a good contrast with the oasap crochet shorts. By the way, I'm breaking my rules. Oops.. Normally I start wearing tights at the first of november, but today it's the 29th october. Bad, bad me..

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zaterdag 27 oktober 2012

Galaxy pants || OUTFIT

I've always loved galaxy prints and I've always wanted to order some galaxy printed leggings on or But I never did, I think I'm afraid of shopping online because I'm afraid it won't fit or something.. Anyways, When I was in Amsterdam I spotted these very cool galaxy printed pants at River Island. I think it's a nice combination with the light denim blouse, black booties and 'Friday I'm in love' tote.

woensdag 24 oktober 2012

The magical forest || OUTFIT


Today we made some photos in the magical forest again. I can't get enough of those beautiful leaves and colors. But that's all I like about fall. I hate it when the weather is getting cold and wet and dirty, ugh.  Now I'm going to drink a hot chocolate milk with very much whipped cream, I hope you like the photos!

maandag 22 oktober 2012

The girly girl || OUTFIT + GIVE-AWAY WINNER!

Today was my first day after the fall break and I liked it pretty much. Since it is the excursion-week there are not very much teachers at school. Thanks to this excusion-week I have only 16 lessons instead of 32! Me likey (:
Anyways, the winner of the give-away is... Joyce Jeroense! Congrats girl, I'll send you an email as soon as possible!

zaterdag 20 oktober 2012

Fall flowers || OUTFIT

The last two days I was in Amsterdam with my sister and mom (A reader already spotted me :). We visited some cultural things shops we don't have here in Maastricht and shops I have to visit when I'm in a city like H&M and Zara. I bought this top with half open back at Brandy and Melville, god I love that shop! If I had the money I would buy everything! The pants are from Zara. The first thing I thought when I saw these pants was that these floral pants are like the fall version of these pants. Since I really loved those and wore them with pleasure I decided to buy this pair. I really love the military-green color (it's one of my favourite fall-colors) and it matches the color of my eyes (details, details). Let me know is the comments what your favourite fall color is!

donderdag 18 oktober 2012

Studded phone-case || DIY

When I'm browsing Tumblr I always see the most gorgeous studded Iphone-cases. Since I think they're too expensive I tried to make one myself. It's actually very easy if you have a phone-case, studs and a gluegun! now you can easily create your own phone-case for any mobile phone (so not just only an Iphone ;) Let me know what your favourite kind of phone-case is! 

woensdag 17 oktober 2012

What's in my SLB || SNAPSHOTS


A few days ago I received this beautiful SLB from SLB stands for Smart Little bag. And this cute bag is kind of smart; You can put your phone, ofcourse you money and cards in it. And because there is a little pocket in the front with a mirror I also put a lipbalm in it.Let me know in the comments what you would put in this wallet/bag/clutch!

dinsdag 16 oktober 2012

Little crosses || OUTFIT

To get into the fall-mood I'm wearing burgundy again. Let me know in the comments what you think about burgundy! The cardigan and scarf are from Primark, the grey top with studded crosses on it is from New Look. The black shorts are from H&M and the little belt is from French connection.

zondag 14 oktober 2012

woensdag 10 oktober 2012

maandag 8 oktober 2012

Ton sur ton || OUTFIT

We went to the forest to make some photos today, but to my disappointment the leafs weren't beautiful colored at all. There were only stupid green leafs. Fortunately we found this garden with dark brown leafs on the ground. But I am still waiting for the perfect forest like you see in movies...

zaterdag 6 oktober 2012

Win this fashionbook: Style yourself || GIVE-AWAY

 I own Style yourself since this summer and I really love it. It's a book made by bloggers and has very much photos. I thought my readers would appreciate it if they could win it too. This give-away is INTERNATIONAL. Click on read more to get to know what you have to do and join my other give-away here. You just have to vote for me (number 5) and you can win a garment of your choice.

woensdag 3 oktober 2012

Lammy coat || OUTFIT

 I already own this lammy jacket for a few years, but I still love it. It is perfect for these fall-days. It's warm, cozy and easy to combinate. This time I wear it with a Zara cardigan, cutoff shorts (again!) and Steve Madden boots which I borrowed from my little sister. Let me know in the comments if you own a garment for a few years, but still wear it a lot!

maandag 1 oktober 2012

Rosary jumper || OUTFIT


I love my new rosary jumper from! I was eyeing on it for a long time but it was sold out all the time. Finally I could order it. The soft color is perfect and suits almost everything. I paired it with my H&M denim blouse and River Island pants. Let me know what you think about this top in the comments!
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